Quicken Runs Slowly in Multi-User Mode

Being an effective tool for the purpose of financial management and budget planning, Quicken is always appreciated for its seamlessness. This tool comes with a lot of advanced features as well as facilities. But, at the same time, it may show up certain technical issues or errors. When you are using this tool on multi-user mode, especially on a shared network, you could get some errors. You would notice that it is working slowly. It may also show up some other technical problems. For these problems, there could be some sorts of solutions. Those solutions are discussed in the following section. Even if you need direct assistance from experts, then there is the Quicken toll-free number available for you.

When you are experiencing slow performance of the software on multi-user mode, you should opt for the following steps. It is important to go for trial and error method for resolving the problem. So, here is a guide for you.

Slow Internet Connection

Quicken may be working slowly due to slow internet connection. Now, internet may get slow down due to many reasons. First of all, obviously it could be network failure. Poor network is definitely a reason behind this error. To resolve that, there is no other options than calling internet service provider for solutions. Apart from that, there could be some following errors.

  • Modem is running for a long time and it may get heated up. Turn it off and give it some rest. After few minutes, you can turn it on again. Now, slow internet trouble would be resolved.
  • If you are still experiencing slow internet connection and that is what making your Quicken software slow in performance, you should go for checking internet connection settings of your computer.

Hardware Failure

Possible hardware failure can make software to act slowly. It could be problem with RAM or other hardware components. You need to inspect it properly before taking up any steps. If certain hardware of your system turns out to be faulty, it should be replaced or repaired.

Installation Error

During installation of Quicken, you may possibly make some mistakes. In such cases, it is not possible to resolve those errors without proper technical measures. You have to go to Control Panel of your computer. Here you shall get option to select folder for “Add or remove programs”. Select Quicken and remove it. Now, prepare computer to reinstall it. When your Quicken software is reinstalled, you would not find the slow issue.

To know more, you can always get in touch with experts at Quicken Customer Support Number.

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